Set up Groups in D2L

Before instructors can use features like group dropbox folders or group discussion forums, it is necessary to go into the Groups tool in your D2L course and define the class groups and assign students to them. Here's what to do: Click on the Groups button in your course navbar Click New Category In this screen, under Category Name, you'll … Continue reading Set up Groups in D2L


MediaSpace/Kaltura – Quickly Embed a Video in D2L

If you're recently created a new video on SRU MediaSpace, or have amassed an existing collection of videos, and would like to quickly place a video into your D2L course without having to sign in to MediaSpace, try this: Go into the Content area of your course and pick the module where you'd like to … Continue reading MediaSpace/Kaltura – Quickly Embed a Video in D2L

Assign Weights/Percents in the Gradebook

A common question from faculty using the D2L Grades tool the first time is where to find the setting to allow weights/percents to be given to assignments. Here's how: After going into the Grades area of your course, find the Settings button in the upper-right corner In the next screen, click the Calculation Options tab Finally, click the bubble … Continue reading Assign Weights/Percents in the Gradebook