Quizzes Not Scoring Correctly

On occasion, we will have reports from faculty that quizzes taken by students on D2L will return very low or unusual scores in the gradebook. For example: In this example, the quiz is worth 5 points, but students are returning very low scores of .04 or .03. What Causes This? This is caused by a … Continue reading Quizzes Not Scoring Correctly


Troubleshooting the Blackboard Collaborate Classroom

Are you using Blackboard Collaborate to conduct synchronous online lectures? Now and then a student will call or e-mail our office for help regarding this tool. Sometimes the web conference window displays buggy behavior, or completely fail to load. Here is a brief outline of the troubleshooting tips we usually recommend: Still using Internet Explorer? … Continue reading Troubleshooting the Blackboard Collaborate Classroom

Ways of Logging in to D2L & Notes on Passwords

MySRU.sru.edu - This is the public, university-approved Desire2Learn login site. To sign in, use the first part of your SRU e-mail address, and your Rockmail password. You will be taken into the MySRU portal, which will also present you with registration and degree audit tools. To access D2L itself, you must click on the D2L … Continue reading Ways of Logging in to D2L & Notes on Passwords