Deleted Items – What Can Be Restored?

If you accidentally delete something in a D2L course, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's gone forever. Content Items When deleting an item in your course content tab, you'll receive this prompt for confirmation: If you leave it on the default "Remove the topic from Content but keep the file or activity in the course," … Continue reading Deleted Items – What Can Be Restored?


Error: Not Authorized – Trying to Send Email

Occasionally we hear from faculty who, when attempting to email their students from the D2L Classlist, receive a "Not Authorized" message: D2L will do this if you preview a test or quiz, but leave it without clicking the exit button or submitting. This was probably intended to be a testing security feature (stopping students from emailing … Continue reading Error: Not Authorized – Trying to Send Email

Discussions – Locking vs Availability

When setting up a discussion topic, D2L presents the option to specify both Locking and Availability dates: So what's the difference? Setting an Availablity date range means that the discussion activity will be invisible until the start date, then, once the end date arrives, it will disappear and students will no longer be able to see it. Setting a Locking … Continue reading Discussions – Locking vs Availability