Delete All Course Content!

More often than not, an instructor will call asking how to totally remove all items in a D2L course and start from scratch. Usually this is because they did a full course copy and accidentally chose the wrong course/semester. Although there's isn't a single button to reset everything in your course to an empty state, … Continue reading Delete All Course Content!


Discussions – Retrieve a Draft Post

For both students and faculty, D2L presents the option to save a discussion post as "draft," for times when you are writing something lengthy, and need to return to it later before posting it. If you click this button, and return later to the same discussion with the intention of finishing your writing and posting … Continue reading Discussions – Retrieve a Draft Post

Discussions – Locking vs Availability

When setting up a discussion topic, D2L presents the option to specify both Locking and Availability dates: So what's the difference? Setting an Availablity date range means that the discussion activity will be invisible until the start date, then, once the end date arrives, it will disappear and students will no longer be able to see it. Setting a Locking … Continue reading Discussions – Locking vs Availability

ZOOM Web Conference – Quick & Simple Startup Guide

SRU is now a subscriber to the Zoom web conference system. Similar to products that we'e used in the past like Wimba or Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom allows you to hold real-time web meetings with your students and/or colleagues, incorporating voice, video, and screen/document sharing. This guide will show you a quick and simple way to … Continue reading ZOOM Web Conference – Quick & Simple Startup Guide