MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video

At times, students or faculty will upload a video to SRU MediaSpace and send the share link to their students or classmates, only to find that others are prompted to sign in and receive a "not authorized" message. Here is how to set your video so that anyone with the link can view it: Navigate … Continue reading MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video


McGraw Hill Connect & Pearson MyLab

McGraw Hill Connect and Pearson MyLab are publisher-hosted homework systems that exist outside of D2L. However, it is possible to integrate these products with your existing Desire2Learn course so that 1) students don't need to remember a second username, password, and website to log in to, and 2) Scores on assignments taken on McGraw Hill/Pearson … Continue reading McGraw Hill Connect & Pearson MyLab

VoiceThread – Getting Started

VoiceThread allows you to take a plain, text-and-images PowerPoint show, then add narration to each slide using voice and video. VoiceThread presentations can be shared with your students, allowing them to leave voice or video comments on individual slides. It is a more interactive way to present a narrated PowerPoint lesson. UPDATE for Spring 2018 … Continue reading VoiceThread – Getting Started