MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video

At times, students or faculty will upload a video to SRU MediaSpace and send the share link to their students or classmates, only to find that others are prompted to sign in and receive a "not authorized" message. Here is how to set your video so that anyone with the link can view it: Navigate … Continue reading MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video


McGraw Hill Connect & Pearson MyLab

McGraw Hill Connect and Pearson MyLab are publisher-hosted homework systems that exist outside of D2L. However, it is possible to integrate these products with your existing Desire2Learn course so that 1) students don't need to remember a second username, password, and website to log in to, and 2) Scores on assignments taken on McGraw Hill/Pearson … Continue reading McGraw Hill Connect & Pearson MyLab

VoiceThread – Getting Started

This handout will walk you through the steps of creating a VoiceThread presentation. These instructions are applicable for both faculty and students wishing to create, share, and have viewers/classmates comment on their presentations. What is VoiceThread? VoiceThread allows you to take a plain, text-and-images PowerPoint show, then add narration to each slide using voice and … Continue reading VoiceThread – Getting Started