Quizzes – View the Results

After building and deploying a quiz in your D2L course, it's natural that you would want to review the results beyond simply viewing student scores. D2L will allow you to view how individual students responded to each question, as well as give you a detailed breakdown of each question. Here's how: Review an Individual Student's … Continue reading Quizzes – View the Results


Re-Score a Bad Quiz Question

After giving a quiz on D2L, you may wish to review detailed statistics of how students performed on each question, and, based on student performance and/or feedback, potentially throw out a bad question or award partial credit for "good, but no perfect" answers. This will show you how to instantly re-score multiple choice quiz questions. … Continue reading Re-Score a Bad Quiz Question

Online Testing in D2L – The Truth About Security

Conducting online, self-scoring objective tests using the Quizzes tool in D2L has become a popular way to assess students in both online and face-to-face courses. However, for faculty using online tests, the questions always comes up as to how secure online tests really are, and how to keep students from cheating. This post will attempt … Continue reading Online Testing in D2L – The Truth About Security

How to View Correct Answers/Feedb on Quizzes – For Students

By default, after completing a quiz on Desire2Learn you are shown your score, but nothing else. However, many professors will open up the correct answers after all students have completed the quiz. Here is how to view them. 1)  After logging in to your Desire2Learn course, click on Quizzes in the course navbar 2) You … Continue reading How to View Correct Answers/Feedb on Quizzes – For Students