Discussions – Retrieve a Draft Post

For both students and faculty, D2L presents the option to save a discussion post as "draft," for times when you are writing something lengthy, and need to return to it later before posting it. If you click this button, and return later to the same discussion with the intention of finishing your writing and posting … Continue reading Discussions – Retrieve a Draft Post


Discussions – Forums vs. Topics

Faculty often have questions regarding the terminology and hierarchy used in D2L's discussion tool. The distinction between a Forum and Topic tends to be the hardest to discern for new users, especially those who came from schools using Blackboard. A Forum is Just a Container Similar to how you can't begin uploading handouts into your … Continue reading Discussions – Forums vs. Topics

Discussions – Locking vs Availability

When setting up a discussion topic, D2L presents the option to specify both Locking and Availability dates: So what's the difference? Setting an Availablity date range means that the discussion activity will be invisible until the start date, then, once the end date arrives, it will disappear and students will no longer be able to see it. Setting a Locking … Continue reading Discussions – Locking vs Availability

A Visual Guide to Understanding the Discussion Tool

This handout will help you understand the difference between the NEW FORUM and NEW TOPIC buttons in the D2L discussion tool. It also shows how to organize discussion activities where different groups of students discuss different topics. Finally, it will show you how to restrict a discussion activity to just one group or section of … Continue reading A Visual Guide to Understanding the Discussion Tool

Grade Discussion Participation with the D2L Discussion Grader

Many online instructors use the Desire2Learn Discussions tool to re-create the classroom interaction that occurs in their face-to-face courses. It is common for instructors to award points based on student participation. The D2L discussion grader tool makes this process easy by allowing you to view all of a student's postings collected in one spot, and … Continue reading Grade Discussion Participation with the D2L Discussion Grader