Grades – Weights Within Categories

If you've built your gradebook in D2L using a weighted system, D2L will check the total weights of your items to ensure that the weights of all items and categories add up to a grand total of 100%. However, you may occasionally see notices like this: What do these notes mean? If you take a … Continue reading Grades – Weights Within Categories


Assign Weights/Percents in the Gradebook

A common question from faculty using the D2L Grades tool the first time is where to find the setting to allow weights/percents to be given to assignments. Here's how: After going into the Grades area of your course, find the Settings button in the upper-right corner In the next screen, click the Calculation Options tab Finally, click the bubble … Continue reading Assign Weights/Percents in the Gradebook

D2L Gradebook: Automatically Drop Lowest Scores

If you have a collection of assignments that are all worth the same number of points (for example, six homework assignments all worth 10 points), Desire2Learn allows you to set up the gradebook to automatically drop the lowest score for each student. We do this by placing these assignments in a category in the gradebook. … Continue reading D2L Gradebook: Automatically Drop Lowest Scores