D2L Student Orientation

Desire2Learn is the e-learning system used by Slippery Rock University. Most of Slippery Rock University’s distance education courses run on the Desire2Learn Learning Management System, as well as many face-to-face courses. The Desire2Learn system allows faculty to post lectures, homework assignments, exams, conduct online discussions, and more. Desire2Learn is accessible to anyone with regular access to a PC or Mac and a reliable Internet connection.

A Welcome and Overview of D2L for Students

All about signing-in and navigating your courses.


Navigating the “Content” area of a D2L Course

The “Content” button in a course is where you will find most of the course materials and instructions. This view discusses how to navigate the Content of a course.



The Dropbox area of your D2L course is used when your instructor assigns a paper, essay, or other writing assignment, and you must submit your document electronically.


Classlist & Grades

Keep track of who your classmates are, and your current progress in the course.


Taking a Quiz

Taking a quiz online is often a source of anxiety. This video will show you everything you need to know for a successful experience.

Discussion Board

A popular feature in most online courses, the D2L Discussion tool allows you to post messages and interact with your fellow online students.

2 thoughts on “D2L Student Orientation

  1. I was looking for instructions on adding photos to my introduction post. I can copy and paste my words, but my pictures from my word document do not show up. If I try to upload photo, I get a message about alternative text. I do not want to add the pictures as attachments. I want them right in the narrative. Please help!

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