MediaSpace/Kaltura – Quickly Embed a Video in D2L

If you're recently created a new video on SRU MediaSpace, or have amassed an existing collection of videos, and would like to quickly place a video into your D2L course without having to sign in to MediaSpace, try this: Go into the Content area of your course and pick the module where you'd like to … Continue reading MediaSpace/Kaltura – Quickly Embed a Video in D2L


MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video

At times, students or faculty will upload a video to SRU MediaSpace and send the share link to their students or classmates, only to find that others are prompted to sign in and receive a "not authorized" message. Here is how to set your video so that anyone with the link can view it: Navigate … Continue reading MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video

Recording a WebCam Video Within D2L

One little-known feature hiding within D2L is the ability for instructors to record webcam videos and instantly post them to a course. The instructions below are designed for faculty at Slippery Rock University, which uses the Kaltura/MediaSpace add-on to host videos; if you are a visitor from another school, these instructions may not apply.  1) … Continue reading Recording a WebCam Video Within D2L