MediaSpace/Kaltura – Publish an Existing Video

At times, students or faculty will upload a video to SRU MediaSpace and send the share link to their students or classmates, only to find that others are prompted to sign in and receive a “not authorized” message. Here is how to set your video so that anyone with the link can view it:

  1. Navigate to (or click the MediaSpace) button at the top of D2L). Click Guest in the upper-right corner, then Login. Sign in with your SRU username and password.
    mediaspace publish1
  2. After signing-in, you’ll be taken back to the MediaSpace home screen. Click on your name in the upper-right corner, then choose My Media
    mediaspace publish2

  3. You’ll be given a list of all of your videos. Find the one in question, then click on its title
  4. Beneath the player window, click the Actions button, then click +Publish
    mediaspace publish 3
    5. In the options that appear, click the bubble for Unlisted, then click Save.
    mediaspace publish 4
    By doing this, anyone you’ve shared your video link with will be able to view it without signing-in. If you need to retrieve the link for the video, click Share and copy it from there:

    mediaspace publish 5


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