Back Up a D2L Course

D2L makes it possible to back up and download the contents of a course to the home/personal computer of the instructor. If you are planning on making radical changes to your course, for whatever reason, please consider making a backup using the steps below.

Currently, SRU keeps old D2L courses online for a rolling five year period (all 2012 courses will be removed in 2017, 2013 courses in 2018, etc), so under normal circumstances doing backups yourself shouldn’t be necessary.

Step 1 – Back up Grades

From within your D2L course, click on the Grades menu.

In the Enter Grades screen, click on the Export button in the upper-left.

User List   Moby Dick Seminar   8 AM   Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.png

Choose which elements of student information and which grade items to include in your spreadsheet download. Under User Details, be sure to choose First Name and Last Name. When you are finished, click Export to CSV. NOTE: using Export to CSV will allow you to later re-import the downloaded grades into D2L, if the existing grades were to be deleted.


After clicking Export to CSV, a new window will appear with a link. Click it, then save the file to your computer.


Step 2 – Archive and Download Course Contents

D2L will allow you to create a ZIP file archive of all of your course contents (including Dropbox, Discussion, Quizzes, and other assessments). There is no need to download them one-at-a-time if you follow these steps.

From inside your D2L course, click on the Edit Course button in the upper-right.

In the next screen, choose Import / Export / Copy Components. Select the option for Export Components, and make sure “Include course files in the export package” is chosen. Click Start


In the next screen, click the box Select All Components, then click Continue


At the confirmation screen, click Continue

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.36.47 AM.png

After a short processing period, click Finish

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.37.38 AM.png

A link to download your course as a .ZIP file will appear. Click it and save it to your computer.

Export Summary   Moby Dick Seminar   8 AM   Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.png

Notes to Consider

Unfortunately, the steps to create downloadable archives don’t include student work. This includes Dropbox submissions, discussion posts, and quiz attempt details. Although one may easily download an entire class of Dropbox submissions using the bulk download tool located in the Dropbox folder, there is no easy way to archive discussion posts and quiz attempts offline. Please consider this before deleting any course components.


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