Link Directly to a VoiceThread Presentation

After you create a presentation in VoiceThread, you may be tempted to click the “Share” button and use the “Get a Link” option to obtain a URL to place directly into the Content of your D2L course. This works well, unless you would like your students to comment on slides. For students to comment, they would be prompted to sign in to VoiceThread, making it necessary for them to go to and create an account. Fortunately, there is an easier way that eliminates this step for your students.

After you have created your VoiceThread presentation, go to the Content area of your course and choose the module where you would like to add the link to your specific presentation.

2. With the module pulled-up, click Add Existing Activities, and then choose External Learning Tools

link to voice thread1

3. In the next screen, click VoiceThread

link to vt2

4. A link to VoiceThread will be created within your module. Click it.

link to vt3

5. You’ll be taken to a black screen. Click Individual VT

vt link 5

6. In the next screen, you’ll see a list on the left showing all VT presentations that you’ve created in your account. Click the one you’d like your students to view, then click Share with Class on the right. (Note: If you are re-using a VoiceThread that was used in an older semester that has student comments on it, click Make a new copy to share.)

vt link 6

7. Done! After you’ve shared, you can click CONTENT again to resume working elsewhere in your course.

Another nice step is to edit the title of the link, changing it from “VoiceThread” to something more descriptive. You can do this by clicking on the small menu button and clicking EDIT PROPERTIES IN-PLACE

link to vt4

Using this method, whenever your students click on the link you’ve created, they will be taken directly to the VT that you’ve specified, and will be able to comment without the need to sign in or create an account.



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