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D2L Bugs – December/January

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Bug #1 – Granting Special Access to Quizzes

In the Restrictions settings for quizzes in D2L, you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen and use the “Grant Special Access to Students” button to set unique time limits or availability dates for certain students.

special access bug 1

In this example, I’m going to edit the special access for the student listed above so that she may take the test from noon to five:

special access bug 2

After I save, this is what I see:

special access bug 3

Currently, if you use Special Access to grant a student a special start and end date, the time that is displayed to you after saving will be five hours ahead of what you originally set.

However…the time actually given to the student is the original, correct time that you saved! It’s only displaying the incorrect time to YOU.

This bug has something to do with how time zones are implemented and processed by the D2L software. It must be fixed by the programmers at D2L, and a fix is estimated for sometime in February 2016. You may continue to use Special Access, just keep in mind that it’s going to show you the time five hours ahead. This bug does not affect start and end dates in other areas of D2L.


Bug #2 – Grading Dropbox Submissions

The ideal way to grade papers submitted to the Dropbox is to click the “Evaluate” button across from the first student in the list of submissions:

dropbox bug 1

On the next screen, you can view the student’s paper, write feedback comments, and enter a points grade. Once you have done this, click Publish in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then Next Student to advance to the next student to grade.

dropbox bug 2

The Bug: It has been found that using the Next Student button no longer advances through the submissions in alphabetical order. Furthermore, it will sometimes hit the end of the list of submissions, without having brought up every student! You may continue grading Dropbox papers in this manner, but be sure to go back and check that each submission has been graded and marked as “Published.” The risk here is that some students may be skipped when grading.



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January 15, 2016 at 4:32 pm

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