Blackboard Collaborate Instructions for Students

Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) is the online platform used by SRU to allow professors to host real-time online meetings with their students. A BBC session is like a chatroom, but with the added benefit of voice and video chat. BBC is free for students to use, does not require the installation of any software, and can be used on any computer with access to the internet.


Joining a BBC meeting session is done by clicking a web linked provided by your professor. Most professors place the link to their BBC meeting room in the Content section of their D2L course; exact placement may vary.

After clicking the link to join the room, enter your name, then click Join Room.

collab students 1

Using Voice Chat

If your computer is equipped with a webcam or stand-alone microphone, you can speak to your professor and classmates by clicking on the small microphone icon at the bottom of the screen:

collab students 2

The default state for students is for the microphone to be off. When you are done speaking, click the microphone icon again to turn your microphone off. Also, if possible, use headphones while attending a BBC session, in order to eliminate microphone feedback.

Also take note of the “hand raise” button; clicking this will alert your professor that you would like to speak. Many faculty ask that their students click this before speaking.

To activate your webcam, click on the small camera icon to the left of the hand-raise button.

Using Text Chat

Many students prefer to listen to their professor’s presentation and simply text chat their questions into the room, or otherwise don’t have a microphone installed on their computer. To use the text chat, click on the small pink tab in the lower-right corner of the window…

collab students 3

…and then click on the chat button:

collab students 4

Messages that you type into the box will be visible to your professor and all other classmates.

Dialing-in Via Telephone

If you would like to use voice chat and don’t have a webcam or microphone, or are otherwise having difficulties and can’t hear the audio of the session, you can always use your telephone to dial in to the session.

To do this, click on the small tab in the upper-right corner of the room:

collab students 5

Then click on the “Use Telephone for Audio” button:

collab students 6

You will be given a telephone number and PIN that will allow you to join the online meeting as if it were a conference call.


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