Recording a WebCam Video Within D2L

One little-known feature hiding within D2L is the ability for instructors to record webcam videos and instantly post them to a course. The instructions below are designed for faculty at Slippery Rock University, which uses the Kaltura/MediaSpace add-on to host videos; if you are a visitor from another school, these instructions may not apply. 

1) From the Content tool in D2L, select the module in which you would like to post your video

2) Click New, then Create a File

webcam video0

3) In the next screen, type a title for your video, then click the “Insert Stuff” button (shown below)

webcam video 1

4) Click the My Media button on the left-hand side.

webcam video 2

5) In the next screen, click Add New, and then Webcam Video

webcam video 3

Note: If you have other, previously-created videos residing in SRU MediaSpace/Kaltura, you can also use this screen to choose one to embed.

6) In the next screen, adjust your webcam aim/placement, then click Record when you are ready. Click Stop when done, then click Next.

webcam video 4

7) Fill out the form to give your video a title and description, then click Next.

webcam video 5

8) Click Insert

webcam video 6

9. Finally, Publish the new file in the course to make the video available to your students.

webcam video 7

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