Quizzes Not Scoring Correctly

On occasion, we will have reports from faculty that quizzes taken by students on D2L will return very low or unusual scores in the gradebook. For example:

messed up quiz 1In this example, the quiz is worth 5 points, but students are returning very low scores of .04 or .03.

What Causes This?

This is caused by a common mistake made when creating quiz questions. Specifically, the technique used to specify the correct answers.

Fixing the Mistake

The first step in fixing this issue is to correct the affected quiz questions.

1) Click on the Quizzes button in the navbar of your course.

2) Click on the title of the problem quiz

3) In the next screen, click on the Layout/Questions tab

4) Click on the Add/Edit Questions button

5) Locate the first multiple choice or true/false question in the quiz, then click on its title.

6) Scroll down to the area of the question creation screen where the answers are specified.

messed up quiz 2

The example above illustrates the source of the problem. To specify the correct answer for a multiple choice or true/false question, you must put 100 in the box labeled “Weight” next to the correct answer. In other words, if the student chooses “First-Person Narration,” they are awarded 100% of the points for that question.

To correct the quiz, change the “Weight” value to 100 in each of the questions that were incorrectly created.

Re-Scoring Existing Quiz Attempts

Once you’ve corrected the questions in the quiz, each student who takes the quiz from now on will receive the correct final score. However, this doesn’t fix the scores of students who have already taken it. Here’s how:

1) Click on the Quizzes button in your course

2) Next to the title of the affected quiz will be a small drop-down box. Click that, then choose Grade

messed up quiz 3

3) In the next screen, click on the Questions tab

messed up quiz 4

4) In the next screen, click on the bubble labeled “Update All Attempts”

5) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and you’ll notice a grouping of questions labeled “Questions that are not in the quiz anymore.” Click on the title of the first question

messed up quiz 5a

6) In the next screen, you will see a breakdown of the answer choices for the question, plus an option labeled “Give to attempts with answer____, _ points

messed up quiz 6

As in the circled example above, use the drop-down box to choose the correct answer, then put the number of points to be awarded in the textbox

7) Click Save at the bottom of the screen, then click Yes at the confirmation.

8) When the screen refreshes, click Go Back to Questions.

9) Repeat the process for each of the affected questions.



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