How to View Dropbox (Grademark) Feedback – For Students

Some faculty at SRU use a special online service called Grademark to leave detailed feedback on student submissions to the Dropbox. To view this feedback, follow the instructions below:

1) Click on Dropbox in the course menu

2) Across from the Dropbox folder link there is a column labeled Feedback. Click on the View button across from the Dropbox folder.


3) In the next screen there will be a column labeled Grademark. Click on the icon in that column.


4) You may be presented with a user agreement on the next page. Click Agree.

5) The next screen will display the body of your paper. General comments left by your instructor will appear in the right-hand column. Scroll through your paper. Highlighted sections with comments will look similar to this:

Hover your mouse over the blue icons to see your instructor’s detailed feedback comments.


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