Notes on Printing in D2L

The first thing to remember about printing in D2L is that D2L was designed as an e-learning platform. In other words, it’s designed for paperless, online learning, so many of the screens and interfaces aren’t designed with printing in mind. Nonetheless, we still occasionally receive questions about printing from D2L, so here are some things to keep in mind.

Printing a Test/Quiz

1) Click on the Quizzes button in your course

2) Locate the quiz that you’d like to print. Click the drop-down button next to its name, then click Preview.

print quiz 1
3) In the next screen, click Start Quiz!

4) Click OK at the confirmation.

5) While the quiz is displayed, right-click in the white area of the screen where the questions are displayed. Choose This Frame, then Print Frame. Note: These menus may be labeled slightly differently if using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

print quiz 2


Printing the Gradebook

For the best results when printing the gradebook, we recommend exporting the grades as an Excel spreadsheet. This will allow you more control over the column widths and print layout (I suggest switching it to Landscape mode). To print the gradebook:

1) Click on Grades

2) Click on Enter Grades

3) Click on the Export button above the list of grades

4) Under the User Details box, check the boxes for Last Name and First Name

5) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and click Export to Excel

A pop-up window will appear, and after a moment a link will be presented that will allow you to download an Excel version of your gradebook.

Final Notes

If at any point you’re in D2L and want to print something, but can’t locate the Print command, you can always hold down CTRL on the keyboard and press P. This will force a the Print dialogue box to appear.


2 thoughts on “Notes on Printing in D2L

  1. Am I correct in assuming that if I want my quiz to print all at one time, all the questions must be on the same page in D2L? And otherwise you must navigate to each page before printing?

    1. You are correct. If you want to print a quiz, I suggest going to the Layout/Questions tab and setting the quiz to show all questions at once. Print it, then go back and restore it to one question per page.

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