Ways of Logging in to D2L & Notes on Passwords

MySRU.sru.edu – This is the public, university-approved Desire2Learn login site. To sign in, use the first part of your SRU e-mail address, and your Rockmail password. You will be taken into the MySRU portal, which will also present you with registration and degree audit tools. To access D2L itself, you must click on the D2L logo in the left-center part of the screen.

d2l.sru.edu – This is the alternate login site. Rather than taking you into the MySRU portal and requiring you to click a second time on the D2L logo, logging in here will take you right into the learning environment and your list of courses. To log in here, use your complete SRU e-mail address and your Rockmail password. You may wish to bookmark this site, as it will bring you in to D2L with fewer clicks.

sru.desire2learn.com/login – This is the “back door” entrance. To log in here, you must use your complete SRU e-mail address and your Employee Self-Service password. The only reason this site is used is when non-credit visitors or guests need to access Desire2Learn. In other words, if you don’t have a Rockmail account, and you were issued a temporary username and password, you would use this login site.

What if I Can’t Sign In??

Faculty and students sometimes forget that the same password is used for Desire2Learn, MySRU, Rockmail, and logging on to the computers on campus.If you change one password, it will change across all four systems. A common help call occurs when a student’s Rockmail password has expired and has been reset/changed, and they do not realize that D2L/MySRU uses the same password.

Who Can Reset My Password?

The help line at x4220 can not reset or view your D2L/MySRU/Rockmail password. If you need your password reset, please call x4357 (HELP). If you are a non-credit visitor or guest with a temporary D2L password, the help line at x4220 can reset your password.


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