Posting YouTube Videos

Due to changes in how both D2L and YouTube link and displays video, the following is the new proper procedure for linking to YouTube video in your course:

1) First, locate the video that you would like to share with your students on While it is playing, highlight and copy the URL out of the address bar of your browser.

2) Next, log in to D2L, navigate to your course, and click on the Content button.

3) Choose a module, then click on the Add Topic button across from it

4) In the next screen, click on the Create New File link (NOT the Quicklink button as before)

5) In the next screen, fill out the Title box with a short description of your video.

6) The bottom half of the screen will have a large textbox. The toolbar will have a button labeled Insert Stuff (circled below). Click it.

7) Click on Enter a URL in the window that pops-up, then paste in the YouTube address.

8) Click Next. D2L will show a preview of the video. Click Insert.

9) You will be taken back to the New Topic screen. Press Save to post the video to your course.


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