Posting Files to D2L – Bare Basics

One of the most common uses for Desire2Learn is to upload and distribute handouts and other documents to your students. Here is our quick, one minute guide:

1) After logging in to your D2L course, click Content.

2) If you are working in a BRAND-NEW D2L course, before you can begin uploading files, you must create at least one module. To create a module, click the “Add a module…” button in the lower-left corner

add content 1

3) In the text box that appears, type “Course Documents,” then hit Enter on your keyboard

4) When the page refreshes, click the blue New button, then choose Upload Files

add content 2

5) Click My Computer in the center of pop-up window that appears
add content 3

6) Click Upload
add content 4

7) Browse your computer for the file that you would like to post. Select it, then click Open. When the file browser disappears, click Add (or, click Upload again and select additional files, if you have more items to upload)

add content5

8) You will be taken back to the main Manage Content screen, and your file will now be available for viewing by your students.

add content6

Note: You only have to create one module! To upload additional files, you can start with step 4 above.


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