Uploading to D2L – Troubleshooting Tips

Now and then we receive calls from both faculty and students having difficulty uploading to D2L. This can happen when a student is attempting to upload an assignment to the dropbox, or when a faculty member is trying to add materials to their course content area. Normally, when this happens, the user complains that the upload process takes a long time, the “Loading…” message stays up indefinitely, or that they receive a website unavailable/browser timeout message.

What Causes This?

Most of the time this problem comes from one or more of the following:

1)      The user is trying to upload a large file (generally 50-60 megabytes or larger)

2)      The campus network is tied up with a lot of web traffic. There is no easy solution to this; the connection coming in to the campus only has so much bandwidth, and it must be shared.

3)      The user is using a computer that has a weak connection to the Internet. For example, if you live in a remote area and must use dial-up or satellite Internet, or are using a 3G connection with a weak signal.

Now and then the Desire2Learn server itself experiences technical difficulties or goes down, but this is rare.

What Can I Do?

1)      If you are on a wireless connection, try moving to a computer with a WIRED, plugged-in-to-the-wall connection. For example, if you are using a laptop checked out from the library, see if you can switch to a computer at one of the desks or in one of the labs.

2)      If no computer with a wired connection is available, see if you can move closer to your wireless router. This will boost the connection strength.

Using Word or PowerPoint? – Reduce Your File Size

Is the file you’re trying to submit to the dropbox or upload to your course content a Word or PowerPoint document that has a lot of images? If so, try this:

1)      Open up your document.

2)      Click on ANY picture.

3)      In the top toolbar, click on the Picture Tools tab, then Compress Pictures.

4)      In the window that pops open, make sure that “Apply to selected pictures only” is unchecked, then click on Options

5)      Make sure that E-mail is selected as the target output. Press OK, then OK again.

6)      Re-save your Word or PowerPoint document, then try again.

Other Suggestions – For Faculty

The D2L Content area accepts any type of file, but most users tend to report disruptively long upload times starting at about 50-60 megabytes.

  • If you are trying to upload a narrated PowerPoint, it may be easier to publish your presentation as a video file, then upload the video to SRU MediaSpace (or YouTube), then post a link to the video
  • If you are using Audacity or other audio-recording tools to produce MP3s, try to keep your lessons to about 10 minutes in length.
  • If you are trying to upload a large video, upload it to SRU MediaSpace instead, then place a link to the video in your D2L course. These services do a better job at handling and compressing large media files.




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