D2L Gradebook: Automatically Drop Lowest Scores

If you have a collection of assignments that are all worth the same number of points (for example, six homework assignments all worth 10 points), Desire2Learn allows you to set up the gradebook to automatically drop the lowest score for each student. We do this by placing these assignments in a category in the gradebook. Here’s how:

Create the Category

1) Click on Grades in your course navbar

2) Click on Manage Grades

3) Click on the New drop-down box, then choose Category

4) Fill out a name for the category (Homework, Quizzes, Essays, etc)

5) Check the box for Distribute Points Across All Items

drop lowest 1
6) In the Points per item box, enter the point value of each item

7) Enter 1 (or more) for Number of lowest non-bonus items to drop for each user

8 ) Click Save and Close

Move the Assignments into the Category

1) From the gradebook, click on Manage Grades

2) Click the checkbox for  each assignment that will be placed into the category

3) At the top of the list of grade items, click on the multi-edit icon (it looks like two pencils)

drop lowest 2
4) The next screen will list each of the grade items and give you a drop-down box to select the category created earlier. Change each grade item to the selected category, then click Save.

drop lowest 3

When you return to the Enter Grades screen, you will see something similar to this:

drop lowest 4


The scores with a ! icon next to them have been dropped from that student’s final grade calculation.


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