Students Can’t See Final/Current Grades!

By default, D2L does not show students their final (or current, depending on the point in the semester) grades. D2L requires that you “release” the Final Grade column before they can be viewed by students. Here is how to do it:

1) In the navbar of your course, click on Grades

2) Click on the drop-down button next to the Final Calculated Grade column heading, then choose Grade All:

release grades 2017 1

2) In the next screen, click the drop-down button next to Final Grades, then click Release All

release grades 2017 2

4) Press Yes at the confirmation.

Students will now be able to see their grade for the course. You only need to do this once; they will be able to see it continually as you add new assignments and input new grades. You will know that you are successful when you go back to the Enter Grades screen an see an eyeball icon next to each grade:

release grades 2017 3


3 thoughts on “Students Can’t See Final/Current Grades!

  1. my students tell me it only shows the percentage they have so far, not the total # points so far. So having a 32% at midterm isn’t that helpful, whereas knowing you have 178 out of 210 points would be (even if there are 545 points in the semester).

    1. The D2L gradebook has two settings for computing grades: “Drop Ungraded Items,” and “Treat Ungraded Items as 0”

      Right now you have your gradebook set to treat ungraded items as zero, so the grades shown to students are low, since everyone has a zero for upcoming assignments.

      If you would like your students to have a better sense of how they are doing in the course so far, do this:
      1) Click on Grades
      2) Click on Grades Settings (in the left-hand column, under the Manage Grades button)
      3) Click on Calculation Options
      4) Click on the bubble for Drop Ungraded Items, then Save

      The only thing to be care of is, if a student legitimately didn’t turn in an assignment, you must manually assign them a 0.

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