D2L Quizzes – Student Unable/Forgot to Submit

We occasionally hear reports of a students unable to submit their quizzes on Desire2Learn. This usually happens when the student’s computer crashes or freezes up just as they are about to hit the “Submit Quiz” button. In most situations, the student can jump back into the quiz and submit, but if they started the quiz right before the availability window closes, they might not be able to. Fortunately, D2L gives you the ability to submit a quiz on behalf of the student, as well as view their progress.

1) Click on Quizzes in your course navbar.

2) Locate the quiz in question. Click on the drop-down button next to its name, then choose Grade
quiz grade 2

3) In the next screen, change the Restrict To drop-down box to Users with attempts in progress then press the search icon (magnifying glass)

submit for student 1

4) The list of students will change from those who have completed the test, to any student currently taking the test. This will include the student who was “locked out” and can’t submit.

5) To enter the quiz as the student, click on the Impersonate button, illustrated above.

6) Press Yes on the “Enter Quiz as User” confirmation.

7) You will be taken into the point in the quiz where the student last saved their answers. Scroll down to the button of the screen and click on Go to Submit Quiz. If you have the quiz set up to span several pages you may need to jump to the last page.

8) You will be taken back to the grading area for the quiz. Switch the Restrict to box back to Users who have completed an attempt and press Search to view the quiz results.


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