Course Copy in Desire2Learn

There is no need to re-upload all of your course materials every semester. In just a few clicks you can copy the materials from your old courses into your new courses. Here’s what to do:

1) After signing in to Desire2Learn, go to your NEW, EMPTY course into which you want to copy the older course

2) Click on Edit Course in the course navbar. It is the last button to the right.

3) In the Course Administration screen, locate the Import/Export/Copy Components link

course copy 1

4) Leave the bubble selected for “Copy Components from another Desire2Learn Course.” Then click Search for Offering.
course copy2

5) The window that appears will allow you to select the old course that has the materials that you would like to copy. To narrow down your search, type the year of the last offering in the search box, then hit enter. In this example, the prof wishes to copy from an offering of ELEC-629 from 2017:

course copy3

6) Click the bubble to the left of the course offering, then click Add Selected.

7) The pop-up window will disappear. Click Copy All Components at the bottom of the screen, OR click Select Components if you’d like to pick and choose which items to copy (for instance, just a single quiz).

course copy 4

8) The next screen will present a short confirmation notice; click the OK button. When it completes, you may click on Course Home to return to the home page of the course and begin revising.


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