Removing Courses

Desire2Learn is configured so that faculty can NOT delete old courses from their My Courses lists.  However, there are some work-arounds that allow you to de-clutter your D2L welcome screen.

First, don’t forget that you can un-pin courses that you have on your My Home screen. It’s a good habit to regularly un-pin courses once a semester is completed and grades have been submitted.

unpin course

To un-pin a course, hover over the course tile image under My Courses, and click the … icon that appears. In the menu that appears, click Unpin. The course will continue to be available, if needed, under the “waffle/grid” button at the top of your D2L screen.

However, if you want to fully remove a course from your list, you can always unenroll yourself from the course, removing it from your account.

1) Go in to the course that you want to remove

2) Click on Classlist in the course navbar

3) Find your name on the list of participants. Check the box to the left of your name.

4) Scroll to the top of the list, and click on the unenroll button. It is indicated below:

unenroll yourself
You will be be taken to an error screen when you click the unenroll confirmation message, but when you follow the link back to the My Home page, the course will be gone.
Remember that the course has not actually been deleted. It has just been removed from your account and is still available if the need arises. If you do this by mistake, contact our office (724-738-4220), and we can put it back on your account.


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