Test Scores aren’t Showing in the Gradebook!

Do not panic! Even though student scores aren’t showing in the gradebook, this is a fairly common mistake, and recovering the scores is fairly easy. In most instances, you can fix the problem like this:

1) Click on the Quizzes button on your course navbar

2) Click on the name of your quiz.

3) In the Edit Quiz screen, make sure your quiz properties look like this:
quiz grade 1

Make sure that you have a Grade Item chosen. Otherwise, D2L won’t know where to send your quiz scores. If you don’t have a grade item chosen, drop the box down and choose a gradebook column. If you don’t already have a column created, use the [add grade item] button.

If you already have a grade item chosen, make sure you have allow automatic export to grades and allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion checked.

Once you have corrected the quiz properties, click the Save and Close button (it’s at the bottom of the screen).


Sending the Scores to the Gradebook

Now that the quiz settings are fixed, we need to send the scores to the gradebook. Here’s how:

1) Click on the Quizzes button in the course navbar.
2) Locate the quiz in the list. Next to its title is a small drop-down button. Click that, then choose Grade

quiz grade 2


3) In the next screen, you will see a list of all of the students who have taken the test, plus their scores:

quiz grade 3

Click on the Grade All button (indicated above), then click the Update button. Be sure that every checkbox under the “Graded” column becomes checked. This will “push” the scores into the gradebook. That’s it!


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